Pelvic Reconstruction and Relief from Urinary Incontinence

Pelvic Reconstruction and Relief from Urinary Incontinence

When the pelvic muscles and ligaments start compromising the strength or position of your uterus, bladder or vagina, these organs can drop and cause severe discomfort. A prolapsed uterus or bladder can also cause symptoms that leave you embarrassed, frustrated in your intimate relationship, depressed and isolated.

The Mesquite Women’s Clinic can help you with effective solutions that let you enjoy normal activities again. In many cases we will recommend nonsurgical treatment options, such as Kegel exercises and lifestyle modifications. We will monitor your condition and make sure it doesn’t become worse.

For more serious problems, surgery may be your best option.

Uterine prolapse

In the case of a uterine prolapse, we may recommend a vaginal hysterectomy. We’ve also had great success in performing a vaginal surgical repair with no bad outcomes. These procedures are usually done at outpatient surgery under anesthesia.

Recovery time is around 6-8 weeks and you should avoid lifting for another 6 to 12 weeks. 

Incontinence procedures

There are different causes and types of incontinence, and knowing what you’re dealing with helps us determine the most effective treatment options for you. We have the ability to do complete urodynamic testing in our office using specialized equipment. Our team will discuss all your options based on their findings.

Depending on the type and severity of your condition, we may be able to moderate the problem with behavioral changes and/or physical therapy. If your problem is more severe, you may be a candidate for medication, an implanted medical device or surgery.

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