Weight Loss

Weight Loss for Life

For many women, maintaining a healthy weight is tough at any age. It can become even harder during and after menopause. At Mesquite Women’s Clinic, we consider weight loss from a woman’s perspective, with an understanding of how difficult it can be to manage one’s diet while also managing a household and often a job. We provide medical weight loss programs for teens and women that start with a thorough body composition evaluation and lifestyle review.

Based on your individual weight problem, we will create a customized program that may include the latest medications for weight loss, B12 injections, and natural products to help increase metabolism. We look at your existing diet, recommend healthier food plans and provide ongoing motivation and support to help you meet your weight goals.

In addition to our very personalized approach to weight loss, we offer a revolutionary way to monitor your weight in a progressive fashion. Our body composition scale provides much more information than we’ve been able to measure before. In addition to body weight and body mass index, we can now analyze your percentages of body fat, body water, visceral fat (that fat around your vital organs), skeletal muscle or bone mass. As you drop weight, we’ll know whether it is because you’re losing fat, water weight or muscle mass. In this way, we help you lose weight steadily, efficiently and safely.

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